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Scanning Quality Control

Document Imagings Solutions standard procedure in scanning a document
Prep 1- Remove staples, paper clips, bindings, etc.
2- Upon completion of digital scanning, documents are reassembled into the original order and replaced back into it's folder. Burst documents, will maintain original order but are not rebound. Other items that may have been held together by devices such as staples and paper clips will also maintain the correct order, but are not reattached
3- Bar-code sheets are inserted into your document files, defining folder and document groups.

Scan 4- Letter and legal sized documents are scanned using high-speed production scanners.
5- Images are reviewed for quality, skew adjustments, black border removal and overall image clean up is
6- Newly created image files are saved into properly named folders

Index 7-The digitized documents are run through intense software programs creating an index file based on your requirements.

8- Document can also be OCR'd, creating fully searchable files.

9- Files are ready to be integrated into your existing document management software systems, or can be published on the internet or downloaded onto CD/DVD's.
Elements to Consider in Digitizing Documents

-The digitized image must capture the entire content of the original document and be at least as legible as the original.

-Created digitized images must be contained within a strict organized file framework. Making document retrieval fast and accurate.

-Management of original materials must be competent in the organization of originals, the reassembly procedure, as well as in the finalization of the project, either in returning originals or overseeing the proper destruction of documents according to HIPAA laws

These are our basic standards that you can expect on every project you place with Document Imaging Solutions.