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Return To Sender Mail Solutions

Many business send out millions of pieces of mail monthly, inevitably, a certain percentage are returned to sender due to incorrect addresses, change of residence, etc. The per piece cost of each mailing is a substantial expense and the ROI is hindered with each piece that is returned to sender. D.I. Solutions has developed a system to collect the data from each RTS piece, update our clients data base, and then securely destroy the RTS pieces, maintaining all confidentiality compliances.

D.I. Solutions operate on an overnight bases. We secure transportation of the mail from various post offices to our facility. We physically sort through each mail bin identifying misdirected mail, detecting payments and others and expressing them to the clients payment processing centers.

The data gathered from the undeliverable mail can significantly increase the ROI on subsequent mailings by eliminating the duplication of sending correspondence to the same incorrect address over and over.