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Secure corporate document management and scanning
Document Management

Document Imaging Solutions is a leader in Electronic Report Management. The DocGen™ system processes mainframe computer generated reports, converting raw data into searchable and usable records. Index information is extracted to create a retrieval database. New records and databases are then posted and archived in WebVault™. Reports can be fully indexed for fast searches.

WebVault  Electronically stores and organizes various types of scanned and electronic documents, from business records to technical drawings and much more.  WebVault™ is widely known for its complete functionality, simple administration, seamless integration and absolute security.

Web Based Solution
The complete WebVault™ platform is available through any standard  Windows computer with access to the internet.  Users can access and view reports simultaneously throughout the organization.

EconomicalWebVault™ is used on an “as needed” basis.  Have all the functionality and benefits of a complete imaging solution without any up-front capital expenditures.  With WebVault™ , costs per month are based on the volume of records required, pay only for services that are needed.  Add volume and services as your individual company’s requirements increase.

Flexibility — Include as many users as needed, delete or restrict access to users and documents anywhere, anytime!

SecureWebVault™ similar to a well designed maximum security bank vault, protects company’s information assets using state-of-the-art encryption along with professional firewalls and monitoring.  Document Imaging Solution’s New York facility is staffed with 24/7 security guards and security cameras.